Riana is a Master’s student at Utah State University in the Department of Environment and Society. Originally from Charlotte, NC, she enjoys the limitless recreation opportunities of the West with some of her favorite activities including hiking, camping and kayaking. Riana received her Bachelor's degree in Natural Resources from NC State University with a focus in policy and administration and a minor in environmental science. With her exposure to citizen science and public outreach while interning at the NC Museum of Natural Science, she developed an interest in the relationship and involvement of the public on scientific issues. This interest has guided her current research to include modeling and measuring the perceptions of various stakeholders in today’s ‘hot’ topics. Specifics include, climate change, natural resource management and human behavioral ecology. Her research is focused on identifying factors that influence risk perception and shape policy action across spatial and temporal scales. Riana is working under the advisement of Dr. Jacopo Baggio and Dr. Smith.