Lauren is a Wisconsin native who ventured to Da U.P of Michigan (Eh!) to complete her B.S. in Psychology (Environmental Studies minor) at Michigan Tech, and onward to North Carolina for her M.S. in Forestry (minor in Interdisciplinary Studies). She is a current Ph.D. student at Utah State, studying the psychosocial aspects of natural resources issues. Lauren inherited her father’s passion for environmentalism and her mother's knack for conservation and creativity. Lauren has been a lifelong outdoors woman who loves to cook and pour over research with a glass of wine and her two cats, Estes and Yukon. Lauren’s research interests include a cross between psychology and forestry, and she is currently working on incorporating geospatial analytics into her interdisciplinary framework. Specific interests include: cognitive, conative and behavioral aspects of private landowners; private landowner management strategies, social networks, and the impacts of various social norms on decision making; forest landowner management strategies related to woody biomass harvesting, the effects of climate change on forest health and productivity; and more broadly, levels of cognitive dissonance present in environmental decision making.